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Discover how these sectors improve their supply chain efficiency with solutions from Celtrino.

Exchanging documents such as invoices and PO’s electronically has progressed significantly within the pharma sectors over the last number of decades. In Celtrino, we should know, as we have been pioneering automation solutions in this period (since 1989 in fact). Having a wide variety of both customers and suppliers with differing requirements in regards to electronic documents can indeed be a challenge. However, Celtrino has just the types of solution whether they are EDI, Electronic Invoicing or other, that helps to foster strong relationships.

Automate sales and ordering processes in pharma

Pharmaceutical companies can for example use EDI to help automate their sales and ordering processes. Retail pharmacies can quickly and efficiently make inventory inquiries of their suppliers to determine availability. They can then place a purchase order, which is then transmitted to the supplier’s system.

So what this means for pharmaceutical and medical suppliers and wholesalers, in addition to the pharmacy retail outlets, is that everyone involved can not only get a better handle on their inventory, but can also improve efficiency regarding orders and deliveries. The chances of an order being lost or finding out that inventory is running low until it’s entirely out of stock is extremely low. The automated invoice and order processing can also include enquiry capabilities, where alerts are triggered for certain products.

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