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Supply Chain Solutions

Gain visibility & control over your supply chain

Celtrino Supply Chain Solutions

EDI has become an essential part of the Supply Chain and it has allowed both manufacturers and businesses to carry out paperless communication between trading partners in their supply chain. Retailers, suppliers, distributors, etc. all benefit by swapping essential business papers on a safe network and in real time. By working with Celtrino, you gain access to invaluable business insight, decades of supply chain experience, and a dedicated support team that helps you strengthen and streamline your supply chain.

Celtrino Supply Chain Solutions include:

Supply Chain Connect

Supply Chain Connect is an online application that provides an efficient, secure and cost-effective way for a business and its suppliers to streamline their supply chain processes

EDI with your 3PL

3PL EDI is the exchange of electronic business documents between you and your 3PL. This can include purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and other important documents that are used in the supply chain.

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