Pharma Buyers​

Pharma Buyers​

It’s critical that buyers such as pharmacies have a solid understanding of their current Supply Chain costs and the value derived from established processes. With an accurate assessment of all supplier activity, buyers should be able to simplify the ordering process, minimise risks and plan for improvement.

Reconciling business documentation for all your transactions, eats into your valuable company time and resources. Costly human errors can also happen right throughout this process. When a transaction is incorrect, a pharmacy retailer can end up missing out on discounts and even paying for items they never received. When the purchase order to invoice reconciliation is automated, the majority of these issues can be eliminated entirely.

Automation of the purchase order (PO) to invoice reconciliation process, or the three-way match process, between purchase orders, invoices and receiving documentation can ensure that a retailer only pays for what they actually receive which results in them being able to take advantage of any associated payment discounts.

For 30 years, leading pharmacies and their suppliers have been trusting Celtrino to deliver the type of efficiencies that help them:

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