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EDI with your 3PL

What is a 3PL?

Traditional business models that handle many or all activities in-house aren’t necessarily the most efficient. This is especially true in the case of many small eCommerce businesses. Many eCommerce businesses have been able to grow while operating on a small premises and with limited capital thanks to 3PLs.

3PL stands for “Third Party Logistics” and serves as a solution enabling your company to outsource its operational logistics from warehousing right through to delivery. This allows you to concentrate on other areas of importance in your company. With the tools and infrastructure to automate retail order fulfilment, 3PL providers give businesses the ability to achieve more with the physical premises space they have. They can pick, pack and ship your products without you needing to invest any time or space into the fulfilment of orders.

Advantages of using EDI with your 3PL

Reduced costs of goods sold thanks to negotiatiating prices with carriers on behalf of numerous clients depending on volume and order frequency.
More control over logistics operations. You can pick an order fulfillment partner that will provide your clients with the services they expect.
You can experience quicker delivery & fulfilment times because you can choose a 3PL which has warehouses close to large distribution centres.
Increased flexibility in sourcing products from more than one manufacturer.
Simplified returns processes. The 3PL you use can easily reverse their processes enabling them to provide your customers with seamless returns.

How does a 3PL work?

3PLs work by enabling your business to order products from manufacturers to be stored at a 3PL warehouse facility where it is then picked, packed and shipped to a customer once they place an order.

Celtrino EDI for 3PL supports

Despatch Advice (ASN)
Inventory Updates
Integration with backend systems such as ERP and WMS
Full visibility of complete supply chain from order to fulfilment

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