Public Sector Suppliers​

Public Sector Suppliers​

Do you supply to, or are you looking to supply to, the public sector?

In April 2019 Directive 2014/55/EU was implemented, which calls for the definition of a common European standard (EN) on electronic invoicing (e-invoicing).

The EN ensures that all European public sector buyers and suppliers can receive and send e-invoices across Europe using a single format. As a result suppliers do not need to adjust their sending practices to connect with different public sector trading partners.

Adoption of the Directive is mandatory for European public sector buyers, however it is not yet a requirement for suppliers, although it will be in the near future.

The Directive has significant incentives for suppliers:

Celtrino’s Solution

Celtrino can get you trading with the public sector today. We provide a PEPPOL Access Point solution that you can connect with and send electronic documentation that will reach your trading partner quickly and securely, even if they are using a different access point. No matter what messaging format you use, the document will be presented to your trading partner in a readable means. We provide integration with all the leading ERP providers. Our solution ensures that all documents you send can be stored securely for future easy access.

Our solution:

Why Celtrino?

In April 2019 we were chosen as the framework supplier to Irish public bodies for e-invoicing compliance. Using our solution enables you to connect seamlessly with the Irish public sector today and to expand your trading network into Europe.

We have 30 years’ experience in e-invoicing solutions.

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