Peppol Connect

Peppol Connect

Your link to the Peppol Network

Peppol Connect is Celtrino’s certified and scalable Peppol Access Point Services product that links an organisation to the Peppol Network. Peppol Connect wraps the Peppol Network tools and its “Connect Once-Connect All” philosophy in a simple user interface with the backup of a cloud-based platform that is secure and monitored 24/7 365 days a year. It is also integrated into our wider EDI/e-procurement product offerings for suppliers and buyers.

Getting enabled on Peppol Network via Peppol Connect

A business entity is configured on Peppol Connect and the Celtrino SMP (if required) in one simple step via the Peppol Connect e-Document portal interface. On a technical level the interface between Peppol Connect and the Celtrino SMP is that via an API. There is no restriction within Peppol Connect regarding a company using our Celtrino SMP Services or another 3rd party SMP provider.

e-Document Portal

The Peppol Connect e-Document Portal is a very uncomplicated and intuitive online portal that provides secure access to view and download documents, status, manage users and control your Peppol Connect account.

It is role based and permission driven so it can be tailored to suit the variety of roles in your organisation from administrators through to accounts payable personnel.


All new features added to the Peppol Connect and related features are designed with the core requirements of security, availability and compliance as a baseline. This ensures our compliance levels are considered right from the outset and before we start implementation.

Examples of some current Celtrino products that are integrated to Peppol Connect include

Buyer Product Add-On: Smart Routing: Where you can save time on administration by routing invoices directly to the purchase order issuer contact referenced in the invoice.
Supplier Product Add-On: Create Invoice: An online invoice creation tool that provides suppliers with the ability to create Peppol compliant invoices easily.

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