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Public Sector Buyers

Since April 2019 it has been mandatory for European public sector buyers to be compliant to receive invoices in electronic format from their suppliers, as per Directive 2014/55/EU.

Why Celtrino?

Celtrino is a supplier of e-invoicing solutions to the Irish Public Sector. We have to date, successfully enabled many Irish government departments to be compliant with the EU Directive in order to receive and process einvoices.

For public bodies who wish to comply with the EU directive as per their obligations, contact Celtrino and we will be able to help facilitate.

Transactions are carried out using a 4 corner model

Public sector buyer (C1) connects to an Access Point (C2) and sends an electronic order.

C2 then uses a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) service (Celtrino also offer an SMP service) to identify the trading capabilities of the supplier (C4), and what access point they use (C3). C2 then sends the order to C4 via C3.


Buyers can generate access to a wider range of suppliers, and increase international trade. The directive makes it more attractive for suppliers to start trading with the public sector.

Many users have been able to reduce invoice processing costs by 50-75%, with a return on investment of over 60% per annum. An estimated €920 million in savings has already been recorded over the last three years through e-invoicing.

As well as the legal requirement to trade electronically as per the Directive, it enables buyers to control spend, to save on cash/resources that have traditionally been devoted to manual processes, and to enhance the transparency and traceability of procurement activities.

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