PEPPOL is a major European success story leveraging international best practice for digital business interoperability.

PEPPOL standards cover connectivity, key business processes and transactions including catalogues, orders, invoices, despatch advices, message level responses and more.

In simple terms it consists of:

PEPPOL is a secure scalable cloud network of thousands of independent access points managed at international level by an EU approved not for profit consortium.

Each company simply connects once via an approved ‘access point’ – such as provided by Celtrino – and immediately has global reach to all trading partners. Connect once, connect to all – it really does work!

A global address book of digital trading capability facilitates rapid and seamless expansion. Celtrino is an approved provider of hosted SMP services for publishing and lookup of address details and trading capability.

The truly global nature of PEPPOL means that roaming fees are history.

Get connected – get going!