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Retail Grocery Buyers

Celtrino’s retail grocery buyer solutions allow retailers to trade electronically with their suppliers, regardless of their size and technical capabilities.

Celtrino handle the translation, mapping, enrichment and validation of electronic documents, ensuring that – regardless of what format you send them in – your trading partners receive them in a readable format.

As a retailer, chances are that you have trading relationships with multiple suppliers. Our solutions remove the complexity in managing supplier relationships, and provide users with full visibility of supplier performance and activity.

From small artisan food producers to large multi-nationals with thousands of products, our solutions allow you to standardise interactions with all your suppliers to increase overall business efficiencies.

Solution For Buyers

Electronic Data Interchange

Exchange orders and invoices electronically with your suppliers.

Supplier Management

Manage all your supplier activity in one platform, and a communication forum for you to improve supplier relationships and focus on improvement.

Supplier Qualification

Buyers can decide to only deal with suppliers who have certain standard certifications.

Supplier Determination

When there are multiple suppliers of a product, the system generates an automated workflow to determine the availability and best price for each product.

Product Information Management

Product information management provides buyers with a single repository for all their product information.

Benefits For You

Eliminate manual processes, human error, and paperless records, so no more physical storage
Strengthen partnerships with current and future suppliers
Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
Enhance accuracy and generate faster order fulfillment
Generate easy exchange of multiple purchase orders and invoices

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