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Retail Grocery

Celtrino’s retail grocery solutions, enable food and drink businesses to enhance their purchase to pay processes and deliver real business savings.

For retailers

Buyers can streamline purchasing operations by sending orders electronically to their suppliers – and receive corresponding electronic invoices – that integrate into their back office systems, eliminating paper-work and tedious manual processes.
Our effective supplier management solution allows retailers to discover new suppliers, manage all their suppliers in one place, and use an online catalogue to make orders.

Retailers can avail of more productive sourcing practices by using our automated solutions to find a best matched supplier for given purchases.

By using our solutions, retailers can control procurement, gain greater transparency in the purchasing process and enhance supplier relationships.

For suppliers

In order to trade with major food retailers, suppliers need to be EDI-enabled.

Celtrino’s EDI service enables food/drink suppliers to:

Reduce paper/manual admin processes, minimising time spent on tedious tasks in the supply chain.

Free up overheads and allocate resources more efficiently.

Connect with a larger range of grocery wholesalers/distributors, including overseas.

We also offer solutions that allow users to track inventory and orders, set up an online shop, and manage all their sales channels and trading relationships, in one place.

We integrate with all the main back office systems providers, allowing all electronic documents to be automatically imported into your ERP solution.

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