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Our Leadership Team

John Behan

Sales Director

John joined Celtrino in 1992 and has made an immense contribution to our success. He has extensive experience in EDI implementation, messaging standards, XML communications and the design of electronic trading solutions. He believes in the constant need to frame all investments with the end customer in mind. John manages major projects that help our customers reduce costs and improve supply chain performance which, in turn, enables them to deliver value to their customers.

Ken Halpin

Founder And Managing Director

Ken leads the Celtrino team and is instrumental in developing our vision, products and technical operations. He founded Celtrino almost 30 years ago, carving out a niche, building electronic trading systems for many of Ireland’s most successful companies. He has overseen our growth into a leading international brand. Ken strongly believes that the availability of supply chain excellence as a service will transform product distribution and enable indigenous firms to achieve their true growth potential.

Geoffrey McIvor


Geoffrey provides leadership to the board of Celtrino and is instrumental in driving the success of the business. He has a wealth of experience in senior management in technology led businesses. Prior to joining Celtrino in 2009, he was Operations Director of United Technologies Corporation and Country Manager at General Electric, among other senior roles. Geoffrey is a Business Graduate of Trinity College Dublin and holds Six Sigma certification.

Patrick Redfern

Head Of Business Development

Patrick works closely with Celtrino’s client base and professional services teams to deliver solutions that offer true commercial value. Patrick has many years experience in business development, and has worked with leading multi-nationals like Western Digital Corp and Standard Microsystems Corp in delivering solutions vital to customer business processes. He has a deep understanding of the FMCG industry, business process outsourcing and its commercial drivers. As well as managing our key accounts and integration partners, Patrick is well versed in the latest eInvoicing trends and B2B trading applications. His extensive international career has assisted him in fluency in German and a passion for Irish and Celtic history.

Madhu Sooriya

Financial Controller

Madhu manages Celtrino’s financial operations and provides input for strategic business planning. A qualified accountant and MBA in Finance, Madhu has extensive experience in financial audit and due diligence. Her background is in SAAS Industry analysis and financial reporting. In previous roles with multinational companies she was actively involved in acquisitions and mergers.

Juby John

Chief Operating Oficer

Juby has more than 14 years’ experience with Celtrino, including previous roles as an integral member of our senior software engineering team and as our Platform Operations Manager. In his role as COO, Juby is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our technical teams based both in Ireland and in India. Juby is dedicated to building high-performing teams that focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and enabling continued company growth.

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