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Retail Grocery Wholesalers

Whether you are an independent wholesaler or part of a buying group, Celtrino have solutions to help you increase efficiencies in your supply chain.

Recent years have seen the major retailers moving into the wholesale sector. With mergers such as Booker/Tesco and the Co-op/Nisa being implemented, this puts pressure on wholesalers to compete.

As well as this, wholesalers are faced with a number of business challenges, including:

Suppliers prioritising larger retail customers over wholesalers
Unreliable delivery times from suppliers
Inventory Issues
Inventory Issues

Wholesale/supplier relationship issues are mainly down to profitability, which ties in with Brexit and labour cost concerns. In order to compete in today’s environment, wholesalers need to ensure they are at the cutting-edge of technology.

While traditionally many wholesalers have relied on legacy systems and manual processes, digital solutions are now becoming vital in the wholesale sector, and their usage is increasing.

Our Solution

Automate electronic orders/invoices, communicate with suppliers and buyers, and ensure a smooth transaction process.
Avail of our online catalogue feature to make orders, and match with a best-priced supplier for a given product
Manage all sales channels, inventory, and orders/invoices in one platform.
Automate warehouse management.
Build an e-commerce store and integrate existing e-commerce stores with back office systems.

Benefits For You

Eliminate manual processes, human error, and paperless records, so no more physical storage
Strengthen partnerships with current and future buyers/suppliers
Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
Enhance accuracy and generate faster order fulfillment
Generate easy exchange of multiple purchase orders and invoices

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