EDI With My Suppliers

EDI With My Suppliers

Celtrino EDI solutions enable you to trade more efficiently with your suppliers. Your suppliers help drive your business. As a result there are no room for errors in transacting with them. However, 40% of manually inputted documents are processed incorrectly and rejected.

Our EDI service is a managed product that creates an efficient, automated and integrated environment. This environment is managed by Celtrino which removes the need for you to allocate specific resources, hardware or even additional software. The Celtrino EDI system handles the translation, mapping, enrichment and validation of your documents. You just need to be able to send and receive those documents in a format you prefer.

Celtrino EDI solutions manage your supply chain – eliminating human error, strengthening partnerships – eliminating human error, strengthening partnerships with current and future suppliers, and ultimately increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Celtrino also provide you with the ability to sync product info from your suppliers into one centralised catalogue.

The Celtrino managed EDI service is a secure and reliable communication environment for the transmission of electronic documents. With our help you can deliver an EDI solution that matches your supply chain management business requirements.

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