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Onboarding Suppliers to Peppol e-Invoicing for Irish Government Agencies and PSB’s

Celtrino has developed this  5 Step Guide on how to onboard your existing suppliers to Peppol e-Invoicing in line with the current EU Directive 2014/EU/55 and the Irish Government mandate.

1. Buyer sends Celtrino a list of all approved suppliers with direct contact details

2. Celtrino contacts each supplier to check if they want to use Celtrino e-Invoice platform or use a direct integration with ERP

3a. For a supplier to use the Celtrino e-invoice platform, Celtrino will send an email with Multi-Factor Authentication code

3b. For a supplier wanting ERP integration,Celtrino will facilitate this – based on that suppliers backend system and their own requirements

4. Supplier completes all user & company details on the Celtrino e-Invoice platform

5. Supplier is now ready to exchange orders, invoices and invoice status updates with Buyers on the Peppol network

Steps to onboard a Peppol e-Invoice Supplier

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