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Exchange your crucial business documents with Celtrino EDI

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Our EDI solutions streamline your supply chain, reduce errors, improve communication and helps save on cost

eInvoice Solutions

Robust solutions that securely exchange your electronic documents

Supply Chain Solutions

Enabling you to grow into new markets and collaborate with new Trading Partners

Why Choose Celtrino?


Over 30 years in business


Our EDI professionals have the essential skills to successfully implement EDI projects


Connect trading partners quickly & seamlessly


We provide expert live support dedicated to issue resolution

The Secure Solution for your business

Celtrino EDI Security advantages:

ISO 27001 Certified

Encryption of Data

Data stored on Microsoft Azure

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Full backup and fail over systems

Celtrino Platforms Process

Trading Relationships Worldwide
Critical Business Transactions Annually
Worth of Transactions

Sample of Trading Partners we work with

What our clients say

What Celtrino solutions can do for your business

Are you a buyer who requires EDI?

Do you need to use EDI to trade electronically with your suppliers?

As a buyer, Celtrino EDI offers many key advantages that can strengthen your trading partnerships and help to enhance your business in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Are you a supplier who requires EDI?

Do you need to use EDI to trade electronically with your buyers?

Celtrino can help a supplier of any size find the EDI solution that works for them and their trading partner to exchange EDI documents in any format thus allowing them to trade efficiently and more profitably.

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Fully Managed EDI Service

Let Celtrino manage your EDI for you

At Celtrino, we offer a Fully Managed EDI Service, which takes care of on-boarding all your nominated suppliers and we project manage the full process. This includes anything from agreeing file formats through to user training, testing and final approvals.

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Exchange critical business documents using Supply Chain Connect

What is Supply Chain Connect?

Celtrino’s Supply Chain Connect is an online business application that enables your company to exchange electronic business documents with all your trading partners over a secure global network - ensuring greater efficiencies and substantial cost reductions

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Switch to Celtrino EDI to reduce costs and solve your support issues

Thinking of switching your EDI provider?

Although moving to a new EDI provider may appear challenging, it could be the right choice for your business – as failing to explore an alternative option could be just as damaging. Check out why a move to Celtrino EDI is the best one for your business.

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Peppol Connect for Government bodies

What is Peppol Connect?

Peppol Connect is a Many to Many secure, global eInvoice application that enables a public sector body to meet Government compliance and support their suppliers’ digital transformation journey. With its simple interface, PSB suppliers can also use the Peppol Connect portal to connect to other public service bodies irrespective of geographical location.

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