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Substantial Peppol eInvoice savings for Irish public sector suppliers

Celtrino, Ireland’s foremost Peppol Access Point (AP) provider, announced that its Peppol Connect application has enabled suppliers to save an aggregate of €250,000 per annum by sending Peppol eInvoices to Irish Government Agencies and Public Sector Bodies (PSBs).

For the purposes of transmitting electronic invoices and orders, the Irish Government has chosen Peppol (Pan European Public Procurement Online) an eDelivery network for the transmission of public procurement documents. Peppol is a set of tools and specifications that enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents and is based on a 4-corner model. The 4-corner model provides a secure and structured exchange of information between government buyers and their suppliers.

Deloitte Australia claim that businesses who switch to Peppol eInvoicing can save up to $20 AUS (€14) per invoice processed, versus manual pdf processing. Suppliers are currently sending over 1,500 Peppol eInvoices per month through the Celtrino Peppol Access Point to Irish government and public sector bodies. This represents a saving to Irish public sector suppliers of approximately €252,000 per annum in total.

According to Ken Halpin, CEO of Celtrino, “Peppol, although yet in its infancy, is used in over 37 countries, including those outside Europe such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan, to drive efficiencies and cost savings in the B2G marketplace. Peppol is advancing the world’s Digital Transformation and we here at Celtrino are delighted to work with Irish Government Agencies and Public Sector Bodies (PSBs) to enable suppliers switch to eInvoicing and reduce costs. Irish government and public sector agencies receive over 4 million invoices per annum from suppliers, if all these were to switch to Peppol this could potentially yield savings of over €56m per annum.”

About Celtrino

Celtrino is Ireland’s largest provider of Peppol, EDI, Supplier and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions. Each year we process millions of invoices worth billions of Euro through our platform. With over 30 years of successful trading, we have consistently delivered outstanding business value to over 800 companies of all sizes.

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