Purchase to Pay Management

Purchase to Pay Management

Organisations are continually looking at their purchase to pay processes to improve operational performance, provide accountability for all purchases made and enhance budgeting efforts

Celtrino’s solution enables you to fully optimise the purchase to pay process, so you can carry out smarter procurement, and quickly and smoothly connect with your trading partners to send messages and exchange documents electronically, through a single platform.

We offer integration options with all the main ERP providers, so that any documents you send/receive will be imported directly into your ERP system. Our solution automatically converts any documents you send to the preferred formats of your suppliers, which ensures they always receive data of the highest quality.

We also connect with PEPPOL infrastructure ensuring our solution can be readily used by public sector bodies also.

When a purchasing opportunity is discovered, a purchase requisition can be raised by an organisation. Once this is approved/a contract is signed with a supplier, purchase orders can be sent electronically to the supplier. Sending orders electronically speeds up the entire purchase to pay process, and ensures that buyers receive their goods much quicker.

The supplier then has the option to send electronic delivery documents to the buyer, for example an advanced shipping notice (ASN). Once the goods arrive they will be checked against the purchase order quantity, and any discrepancies will be raised with the supplier. Once the goods are approved the supplier can send an electronic invoice, which will be automatically imported into the buyer’s accounts payable systems, and payment can be made.

Celtrino’s solution also provides users with the opportunity to readily communicate with the supplier at any time – for example, as to where the items are in the delivery process.

Our solution provides users with complete visibility of all purchasing spend. As a result all purchases can be easily accounted for.

Automating the purchase to pay process ensures goods arrive quicker, and that buyers are also in a better position to avail of early payment discounts. Data quality is guaranteed throughout the process and buyers will always receive what they asked for.

All electronic documents exchanged are stored in Celtrino’s system, and they can be accessed anywhere, at any time, by any authorized individual in the organisation. This provides benefits for auditing purposes and ensures there is full internal traceability.

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