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Data Validation and Business Rules Services

Manually checking information can – more often than not – be inefficient, time consuming and prone to errors. In addition it is almost inevitable that inaccuracies will slip through. Continuing to use incorrect data or even passing on inaccurate information to a customer is not exactly best practice. The smallest of these mistakes can have immeasurable negative consequences for your business. So with your company’s reputation at stake one way to alleviate these issues is by validating your data through automation.

Automating your data validation will help to ensure accuracy (making your data clean, correct and useful) and save time, enabling you to focus on other aspects of the business.  While relatively simple checks like data type checks can be automatically performed in databases, more complex validation that includes the use of business rules* can be programmed using RPA.

* A business rule is simply a statement that imposes some form of restriction on a specific aspect of, for example a databaseThis could relate to some elements within a field specification or the characteristics of a table relationship.

Document validation with Celtrino

As documents are put through Celtino’s EDI managed service, it can automatically validate your trading partner’s document content based on a set of defined business rules. Only after validation is it sent to your business system.

Document validation is ideal, for example when your organisation is receiving invoices from suppliers and need to ensure they have complied with your business requirements and even your national tax laws. Likewise, sales orders can be validated before they are received into your system to ensure they will not create exceptions and cause slow delivery turnaround times.
Essentially RPA software validates data and highlights the discrepancies.


Accounts Payable
Celtrino’s TradeHub Accounts Payable (AP) Service validates and matches supplier invoices against a customer’s pre-defined set of business rules. Information such as supplier name, date, invoice & PO number, net, gross & VAT amounts can be extracted and validated against a pre-defined set of business rules, before being passed onto ERP and accounting systems.
If an invoice does not match the criteria set, it will be automatically rejected. As a result of this, the Supplier is notified of the issue – allowing them to amend the invoice to meet the expected values and resolving invoice discrepancies quicker.

Celtrino’s data validation service includes the following features:

  1. A minimal set up and a library of preinstalled checks. You can begin checking your data tables almost immediately, eliminating the need to invest great deals of time and resources in creating, reviewing and installing customized checks.
    Designed for ease of use.
  2. It’s sufficiently user-friendly so as to not require any specialist-level programming skills.
  3. Generates detailed reports. The final report indicates what passed or failed checks, highlighting inaccuracies by using options such as screenshots to provide an easy-to-read visual analysis.

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