Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay refers to the downstream business processes that cover the activities of requisitioning (requesting), ordering, purchasing, receiving, and paying for goods and services.


Order to Cash

Order to Cash is a set of business processes that are involved from when a customer requests and places a sales order for goods or services, right through to when the customer pays for that order. It is also known as O2C or OTC.


Sales Channel Manager  

Sales Channel Manager is the sales enablement platform that essentially provides any food & drinks producer with the ability to expand their digital retail presence. Engaged and passionate producers can avail of Sales Manager’s technology to help manage and market their products further and reach larger audiences.


Supplier Manager

Celtrino Supplier Manager is a purpose built solution for efficiently managing the exchange of electronic orders and invoices with suppliers. It provides enhanced visibility of actual supplier performance through a powerful business intelligence function. Manage suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity.


e-Commerce Integration

With ever increasing business demands for speed and efficiency, integration has become a necessity for many companies wanting to tap into the strength of e-Commerce. As companies have to deal with an ever expanding suite of different applications and increasing amounts of data, it is becoming extremely difficult to manually manage and coordinate everything. Companies need to ensure that the many existing applications they use can work together as seamless as possible, and that any additional applications can be incorporated promptly into a company’s overall business processes.


Document Routing

EDI enables businesses to exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notices, and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without the need for any human intervention.