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Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

No matter the type of industry sector that your business is part of, or even the size that your company is, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, can help you achieve significant and tangible benefits. Celtrino RPA solutions deliver automated business processes that contribute to making your organisation a more effective entity.


PEPPOL is a major European success story leveraging international best practice for digital business interoperability.
PEPPOL standards cover connectivity, key business processes and transactions including catalogues, orders, invoices, despatch advices, message level responses and more.


EDI is a simple abbreviation of the term ‘Electronic Data Interchange’ which in itself is a technology used for the automated exchange of business documents from one computer to another in a standard electronic format.
It enables businesses to exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance shipping notices, and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without the need for any human intervention.

Best Deal Sourcing

AS4 is a communication protocol that has been designed specifically to facilitate the exchange of business data over the internet. AS4 is HTTP-based, with messages sent over AS4 having a specific format which is handled by AS4 software. Both successful and unsuccessful message transfers receive a receipt allowing the sender to know if the transfer has succeeded.

E-Document Portal

Celtrino provide an e-document management portal, with a web user interface, through which users can seamlessly exchange electronic documents with their suppliers via the Celtrino Network. Our e-document portal facilitates straight through processing of electronic documents to users’ back office systems.

E-Archiving Services

Electronic Archiving (e-archiving) consists of the processes in which physical documents are converted into electronic documents, so they can be continually accessed and re-used over time

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