Celtrino’s supplier solutions enable suppliers to connect with retailers electronically

For many industries, trading electronically is a requirement in order to be listed with the major retailers. Celtrino enable suppliers to exchange business documentation (e.g. orders, invoices) electronically, and once initially set up suppliers can then quickly on-board new retail trading partners.

Celtrino’s solutions ensure that any orders received from retailers are automatically processed and imported into a supplier’s back office systems, and that a corresponding electronic invoice can be generated. The invoice will also be securely delivered to the retailer in a readable format.

We also provide e-commerce solutions. We enable suppliers to integrate their online shop – and any other online marketplaces they sell on – with their back-office systems, so that orders can be easily mapped. Our solution allows users to monitor orders, inventory, and all their sales channels, in one place.

We are the exclusive electronic invoicing solutions provider to the Irish Public sector and are very active in European procurement initiatives. Do you supply to, or are you looking to supply to, the Irish public sector? Being electronically-enabled allows you to trade seamlessly with public bodies, and to expand your customer-base and geographical presence.

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