As per EU Directive 2014/55/EU, since April 2019 EU public sector bodies are required to be compliant to receive invoices electronically from their suppliers.


While sending orders electronically is not a requirement of the directive itself, certain regions have implemented it – for example as part of the NHS eProcurement Strategy published in 2014, the NHS trusts in the UK have been required to transfer orders electronically to their suppliers.


PEPPOL ordering has numerous benefits for public sector bodies


  • Clear trail of any orders historically sent – that can be easily accessed for auditing purposes
  • There is no ambiguity around where orders are stored, and less chance of them being misplaced
  • Any authorized individual can access orders anywhere, at any time
  • Paperless transactions provide environmental benefits, and less postage and printing costs
  • Less manual processes which ensures improved data accuracy, and better use of resources

The public sector buyer and their suppliers are connected to each other via PEPPOL access points, such as provided by Celtrino. Public bodies can connect to Celtrino’s access point to send their purchase order. Celtrino then transmit the order to the buyer, with no manual intervention on either side. Suppliers don’t have to work with the same access point provider as the buyer, so the order will always be transmitted successfully.

For suppliers, Celtrino integrate with their ERP systems to directly transport received purchase orders into their ERP. This ensures that Suppliers can send a corresponding e-invoice and that they always have an electronic copy of the order.


Celtrino PEPPOL ordering features


Celtrino’s solution allows users to track orders that have been:

  • Sent to the supplier
  • Accepted by the supplier
  • Part accepted
  • Amended by the buyer
  • Rejected

The solution also determines the orders for which a corresponding matching invoice has been received, and those for which goods/services have been received

Users can access a view that details any orders that require immediate action.




Celtrino have 30 years’ experience in implementing electronic trading solutions. We were the first PEPPOL access point provider in Ireland, and have been involved since the early days in helping to define PEPPOL standards. We are the single supplier of electronic trading solutions to Irish government departments and are the preferred supplier to other Irish public sector buyers.

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