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Peppol for Business

Ken Halpin - Celtrino MD

Somethings are worth waiting for!

‘Reaping the Benefits of Electronic Invoicing for Europe’ from the European Commission set out its vision in 2010 for making electronic invoicing the dominant form of invoicing in Europe by 2020.

When Celtrino joined OpenPeppol as founding members in 2012, and participated in an Irish Government e-invoicing proof of concept, it seemed that the EDI mark 2 era had arrived with a splash. There was much to like about this child of a large-scale project hitherto funded over a four-year period by the European Commission. Europe was leading the way in technology-enabled business innovation. Ten years on, the ranks of the initial band of passionate architects and visionaries have swollen to guide this now adolescent teenager bursting with apparent muscular energy.

What is not to like about the dream of a modern dynamic and collaborative Europe transforming how our collective single market economies do business? Hyper-efficiency and competitive advantage driven by common standards and seamless business interoperability.

Access points, conformance, compliance, scalability, resilience, UBL, BIS3, syntax, semantics, the 4-corner model, SML, SMPs, XMLs, security, validation, orchestration, AS2, AS4, APIs, integration, CTC and much more entered our water cooler lexicon.

It is remarkable how sustaining a shared vision is.

The European e-invoicing directive, followed by the establishment of an Irish Peppol Authority, crystallised a long awaited commercial bounce for Celtrino. All engines firing and thunderbirds are go. We have lift off.

Many implementations later, at central and local Government level, the Celtrino focus has expanded beyond the provision of Peppol-based e-invoice receipting and processing capability, to incorporate diverse integrations, invoice approval workflows, automated matching and the companion Peppol Business Interoperability documents of orders and invoice response messages.

Peppol Connect Screenshot 1: Approval Management

      Peppol Connect Screenshot 2: Automated Matching

Peppol Connect Screenshot 3: Invoice Response Message




And of course, as buyers are also suppliers, we support upstream and downstream supply chains.

Throw into the mix, support for multifactor authentication and we are manifesting the most secure and trusted environment for commercial business transactions on the planet. 

Hang-on. What about the plethora of micro and small enterprises not currently using accounting packages from the digital age, who need ultra-low cost inclusivity at less than €10 a month. Not just ordinary inclusivity but the type of inclusivity that opens doors for ease of doing business with the public sector across the entire single market and beyond. The 4-corner model actually supports the realisation of a connect once, connect all philosophy in practice via a single user interface.  Add self-subscription for scalability and openness, combine with trading partner directory-enabled discovery, and the digital business world is virtually your oyster.

Peppol Connect Screenshot 4: a) Self Subscription; b) MFA

Where to now? Service providers transform theory into practice and the realisation of the digital economy depends hugely on their participation. The service provider community, characterised by small and medium enterprises, has for the most part individually funded the development of post-award and e-delivery domain applications. Now might be the time for greater strategic collaboration within the service provider community to exploit collective assets as interest grows and the market heats up.

Celtrino invites you to review our micro-enterprise friendly Peppol Connect solution.  Now is the time for partnership. Free pilots available. Let’s Connect!

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