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Are you considering switching your EDI provider?

Do any of the following characteristics describe or relate to your current EDI service provider?

  • Poor overall service
  • Lengthy setups
  • Increasing costs
  • Inadequate customer support
  • Invoice failure

If the answer is yes, then now is the time to actively consider switching your current EDI provider to a provider such as Celtrino. Moving to a new EDI provider may appear daunting as it requires both a careful planning process and execution to ensure a smooth transition, however it is imperative to find a provider who understands your requirements and can deliver precisely what you need.

Celtrino provide a range of solutions that are dedicated to making EDI implementation a success for all our customers. Established in 1989, Celtrino has over 30 years of experience of focusing on the needs of our customers. We have also transitioned many large and small businesses, helping them switch from their previous EDI provider to a Celtrino EDI managed service.

We completely understand the importance of a move to a new EDI solution without the disruption of any of your business nor that of your customers and suppliers; and our experience to date has helped to refine our own processes in order to remove known potential risks in switching. So, whether you are new to EDI, or you want to change provider because of cost, service issues or a need to reduce complexity, Celtrino has a solution for you.

Why switch to Celtrino EDI?

Celtrino has a long history of providing robust solutions to both SUPPLIERS and BUYERS.
Secure cloud solution – you can access over the WEB with our hosted services.
Implementation timeframes we are proud to offer.
Simple integration options to allow ANY back office to integrate using standard formats.
Tailored support to match your budget and business needs. Hosted and/or fully managed.
No multiyear tie-ins which prevent you changing service options and costs.
Bespoke customisation for customers’ needs
Reduce your traffic costs with our Celtrino gateway (VAN/AS2/AS4/FTP and more)
Reduce overall cost of using EDI/PEPPOL services within your business.
Large VAN mailbox included with our service

How to take the first step?

Before any switch to a new EDI provider, it is vitally important to understand precisely where your current EDI provider is failing for you. These types of current issues can then be used when interacting with a potential provider such as Celtrino to help formulate how you would prefer your next EDI solution to work. Celtrino will take this information and then interact directly with you to understand both your environment and to determine how you can most efficiently integrate with your trading partner’s systems.

Find out more

To take that first step in switching provider and for more information about Celtrino’s solution please contact us by Phone:

Ireland: +353-1-873-9900
UK: +44(0)-161-7681735

or email: as we will be more than happy to help.

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