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What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL, Pan-European Public Procurement Online, is a range of technical specifications and standards that help public bodies and their suppliers automate the exchange of information.

PEPPOL grew out of a European Commission initiative to;

  • Facilitate cross border commerce
  • Improve transparency in public procurement
  • Deliver better value for tax payers
  • Encourage eBusiness and paperless transactions

PEPPOL connects public bodies and private companies by providing them with an electronic trading network. Buying organisations and their suppliers must access the PEPPOL network to transmit supply chain documentation, like purchase orders, delivery information and invoices. 



Why Celtrino?

Unrivalled PEPPOL experience plus decades of eProcurement knowledge makes Celtrino the perfect choice for PEPPOL services.

 Celtrino has been involved with PEPPOL since its inception and was one of the contributors to the standard.  We were a founder member of OpenPEPPOL - the group now responsible for the promotion and development of the standard.

A PEPPOL Access Point (AP) is a connection between a buyer using PEPPOL and their eProcurement partners and is a software service operated by a PEPPOL Access Point Provider that enables transfer of business documents, such as orders and invoices, over the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure.

In 2012, Celtrino became the first PEPPOL access point provider in Ireland and has been involved in various Irish PEPPOL initiatives.

In December 2016 it was announced that Celtrino had been awarded a place on the NHS PEPPOL Framework

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Building on our status as the first Irish PEPPOL Access Point Provider, Celtrino has been awarded a place on the NHS PEPPOL Framework. This means we are now an approved supplier of PEPPOL Access Point Services to all NHS trusts across the UK.

Celtrino is one of the longest serving members of OpenPEPPOL, the non-profit international association with members from the public and private sectors. 

OpenPeppol has assumed full responsibility for the development and maintenance of the PEPPOL specifications, building blocks, services and implementation across Europe.

Having served the eBusiness needs of the healthcare, retail and food services sectors for nearly 30 years, we have unrivalled experience of providing PEPPOL best practice.

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Related FAQs

PEPPOL is an EU initiative to remove barriers to public procurement. It enables businesses to trade electronically with any public buyers. It’s a common standard designed to standardise supply chain processes between public sector bodies and their trading partners.
PEPPOL speeds-up cash flow, eliminate errors, slashes admin costs and generates supply chain efficiencies. It offers access to vast public procure¬ment markets, increasing business opportunities.
Access to PEPPOL framework services is via Access Points. Trading documents travel between buyers and suppliers via their own Access Points. Access Point Providers must be chosen to deliver the service.