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What is Peppol?

Peppol is an electronic network based on a four-corner model where organisations and government/public sector bodies can connect to all of their partners to exchange electronic business documents such as Orders (eOrders) and Invoices (eInvoicing) by using any approved Peppol Access Point.

What’s more, thanks to the truly global nature of Peppol, roaming or cross-border charges are now finally a thing of the past.

When using the Peppol network, it makes no difference whether your partners use different providers to you; you just need one connection to connect to everyone.

You, your Peppol access point, your partner’s Peppol access point, and your partner themselves make up the “four corners” in this model.

Peppol 4-Corner Model

For Public Organisation or Private Business

Peppol is the gateway for secure and fast trade

Peppol for Public Sector Buyers

Simplifying electronic procurement and invoicing with greater security and transparency.

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Peppol for Public Sector Suppliers

Enabling any European businesses to easily communicate electronically with any European public sector buyer in their procurement process

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