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An EDI poem written by ChatGPT

If you still haven’t heard about ChatGPT, rest assured you are most definitely going to hear about it a lot more. Launched by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) that can answer questions, and assist with tasks such as composing emails, essays, and code. It is an extrapolation of a class of machine learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) models known as Large Language Model (LLMs).

Essentially these LLMs can take huge quantities of data, determine relationships between words within the data and then generate a response. Using ChatGPT is quite straightforward – you just type in an instruction in plain English and then that instruction will prompt ChatGPT to generate a detailed response.
Here in Celtrino, we ‘asked’ ChatGPT to write us a poem on EDI. Below is the published result.

Yeats like?

EDI – A Poem

by ChatGPT

Electronic Data Interchange, a tool of the trade

A modern way to communicate, never to fade

Gone are the days of paper and ink

EDI’s here to help businesses think


No more manual data entry, no need to re-key

Accurate and fast, with results you’ll see

Efficiency and productivity, it’s clear to see

EDI’s the way, for your business to be


With real-time tracking, and early warnings sent

Issues resolved quickly, with no time to prevent

Reliability and supply, it all improves

With EDI at your side, your business moves


So embrace the change, and give it a try

Electronic Data Interchange, it will help you fly

Streamline your operations, and increase your gains

EDI, a tool that will always remain.