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Established in 1978 by Dermot and Nicola Herlihy, Belview Eggs offer a wide selection of free range eggs and fresh eggs to meet the needs of customers in retail and food service environments. In late 1998, BWG, a large scale Irish retailing group trading under a number of brand names such as SPAR, Mace, Londis and XL, approached Belview Eggs and asked them to exchange electronic orders and invoices in a format known as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI helps trading companies increase efficiencies by reducing manual data entry and reducing errors. Belview Eggs in turn asked Celtrino, a fledgling Dublin based software development company, to see if they could provide the EDI solution that was required by BWG. Celtrino took to the task immediately and had Belview Eggs setup with EDI in early 1999, hence laying the foundations for Celtrino to become Ireland’s leading and longest established EDI services provider.

According to Ken Halpin, CEO & Founder at Celtrino, “Establishing the EDI data standards and communication protocols required to exchange business messages for Belview Eggs was a challenge at the time, but one I am very glad that Celtrino undertook. We now have over 1,000 customers in Ireland, the UK, Europe and North America exchanging thousands of EDI messages on a daily basis, bringing efficiencies and cost savings to their businesses.” Ken adds that “Since 1998, Celtrino has seen many challenges and opportunities in the world such as the Millenium Y2K Bug, the introduction of the Euro, multiple VAT & tax changes, Brexit and the recent Covid-19 pandemic.”

Since their inception, Belview Eggs has grown from strength to strength and has added additional software technology to its overall supply chain solutions such as Ovotrack, a traceability solution for egg packing centres worldwide, and Intact, a leading Irish ERP system. With the help of Celtrino EDI Belview Eggs has further expanded its retail customer base and now supplies leading retail organisations such as Iceland, Lidl, Musgraves (Centra and SuperValu) and BWG. In fact, the recent spike in home baking due to the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the sales of Belview Eggs with the company having to scale to meet new orders.

According to Dermot Herlihy, Owner and Managing Director at Belview Eggs, “Hiring Celtrino as our EDI partner has helped Belview Eggs increase efficiencies and meet customer requirements in a fast, effective way. Actually, soon after going live with Celtrino EDI back in 1999 we won the Irish Independent Small Business Award for technology advances. The support we get from the Customer Service Team at Celtrino is second to none and I look forward to continuing our partnership for many decades to come.