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Case Studies

How Celtrino’s customised eInvoice portal helped Sysco to seamlessly onboard new suppliers

Customer Profile:

Sysco is the largest food business on the island of Ireland. What was started as Pallas Foods by the Geary family has now grown to a team of over 1,300 people delivering food solutions to thousands of customers every night. Sysco Ireland has a range of over 10,000 fresh, frozen and ambient food products and non-food products.

Business Challenge:

Since its inception, Sysco has built long-lasting partnerships with both customers and suppliers alike. On the one hand customers trust Sysco’s ability to deliver the freshest local produce and their expertise in inspiring chefs to create the finest food ideas with Sysco products. On the other hand, Sysco’s local network of suppliers rely on Sysco to bring their products to the market and to ensure what the suppliers have to offer is relevant. As Sysco predominantly deal with fresh produce from hundreds of local suppliers, it can be challenging and quite time consuming to ensure that supply chain features such as orders and invoices work as efficiently and error free as possible. With a vast array of local fresh produce suppliers to deal with, including many small family-run organisations, Sysco needed to remove reliance on old fashioned business practices such as receiving invoices by post or email attachment from these suppliers.


Sysco needed a system that would ensure that incoming invoices were not lost or mislaid and that suppliers were paid the correct amount due in a timely fashion. As many fresh local produce suppliers were small family run businesses, Sysco was aware that it did not want to put added pressure or cost onto these suppliers by insisting that they adopt a complex EDI software solution. But yet, Sysco needed an electronic system that could deliver electronic invoices directly to their ERP system to help company efficiencies and eliminate manual data errors. After talks with Celtrino it was agreed that Celtrino would build an eInvoice portal that all Sysco’s fresh local suppliers could use to submit electronic invoices. The portal had to be able to handle the unique requirements of Sysco, while at the same time be simple and easy to use by any fresh local produce supplier, regardless of their IT knowledge or skills

Business Benefits:

Sysco onboarded hundreds of suppliers onto their customized Celtrino built eInvoice portal. Suppliers do not need a great amount of IT knowledge, in fact all they require is a device with internet connectivity and a username and password and they can be setup in minutes. Suppliers love the simplicity of the system which leads to getting paid faster and Sysco loves the fact that there is a direct integration to their ERP system, which means all invoices flow directly into the ERP financial system with no human or manual intervention required. The Celtrino eInvoice Portal means that Sysco can onboard new suppliers in a matter of minutes and that accounting staff don’t have to spend wasted hours looking for misplaced and lost invoices or checking to see what has been paid and what has yet to be paid as it is all in front of them in one easy to read electronic dashboard.

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