Order to Cash with PEPPOL

Order to Cash with PEPPOL

PEPPOL is an open network that simplifies document exchanges between companies (e.g., invoices, purchase orders, etc.) and ensures standardization of both documents and connectivity.

Celtrino: PEPPOL Access Point Provider

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point, Celtrino processes, sends and receives invoices to any recipient within the PEPPOL network — so Celtrino’s customers can then be deemed PEPPOL ready. Businesses using Celtrino’s solutions for invoice exchange via PEPPOL, benefit from having one single platform for customer and supplier invoices. That business is then free to communicate with any trading partner connected to the PEPPOL network, and this is regardless of the actual access point used. It is important to note that PEPPOL simply connects systems already in use by businesses but it does not replace them.

Any business can connect to the PEPPOL network via our certified PEPPOL access point. This accreditation enables Celtrino to send and receive e-invoices to and from all entities using the PEPPOL network.

Suppliers now have the opportunity to tap into that resource to speed-up cash flow, reduce errors, cut administrative costs, drive supply chain efficiencies and reap the rewards of new markets.

Additionally, by having just one simplified order to cash process available through a single service provider, significant savings can be made on systems and administration. Importantly, it is Celtrino as the access point provider, and not the supplier, that facilitates interoperability between systems.

How can I connect?

Celtrino are an approved PEPPOL Access Point Provider in all of the countries in which PEPPOL has been introduced and we work to connect businesses to the public sector in all countries in Europe where e-invoicing is a legal requirement.

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