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Supply Chain Connect

What is Supply Chain Connect?

Supply Chain Connect is an online application that provides an efficient, secure and cost effective way for a business and its suppliers to streamline their supply chain processes.

How can Supply Chain Connect benefit my business and reduce my costs?

Electronic Document Exchange

Exchange orders and invoices with all your suppliers electronically

Speed up business cycles by reducing time delays associated with manual processing

Eliminate manual data errors and re-work

Full Visibility Of All Trading Partner Transactions

Track transactions in real-time

Greater visibility of supply chain processes

Intervene faster to resolve issues

Improve reliability and supply chain efficiency

Facility For Your Suppliers To Flip a Po To An Invoice Automatically

Suppliers can flip a PO to an invoice with one mouse click

Attach documents such as proof of delivery, timesheets, photos, etc

Eliminate manual data entry and associated errors

Improve first time match rate

Intelligent Invoice Approval Workflows

Set up workflows in minutes

Only approved invoices enter your finance systems

Significantly reduce invoice approval times using pre-assigned approvers

Keep your suppliers informed and up to date with invoice status

ERP / Financial Management System Integration

Integrates with your back office systems

Directly connect your finance department with live supply chain data

Enhance your data accuracy

Enhanced System Security

Future-proofed interoperable and secure document delivery network

Delivery network ensures document security as all documents are encrypted through transmission

Two Factor Authentication at log-in provides increased protection against unauthorised access

Celtrino’s Supply Chain Connect is an online business application that enables your company to exchange electronic business documents with all your trading partners over a secure global network – ensuring greater efficiencies and substantial cost reductions.

Supply Chain Connect improves business security by removing the need for your business to exchange documents by email with smaller customers and suppliers – which also reduces the risk of cybercrime since all electronic documents sent or received through the platform are secure.

Supply Chain Connect is the only Many to Many secure, global business application that will enable you to grow into new markets and partner with new Trading Partners.

Supply Chain
Connect Features

Instant dashboard overview of all supplier activity
Suppliers can create and send electronic invoices in minutes
Suppliers can attach relevant documents (e.g. timesheets, proof of delivery, etc.) to invoices
Orders can be flipped to invoices with the click of a mouse (PO Flip)
Integration with your back-end ERP or Financial Management System.
  1. Suppliers can create and send you invoices in minutes
  2. Instant overview of all supplier activity
  3. Attach relevant documents to your invoice

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