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Retail Grocery Suppliers

Celtrino enable food suppliers to connect with retailers electronically

To trade with the major supermarkets you need to be EDI-enabled. Our solutions allow suppliers to quickly on-board retail trading partners, in order to start exchanging the necessary business transaction documentation (e.g. orders, invoices) electronically. Any orders sent from your retail partners will be automatically processed and imported into your back office systems, and you can quickly generate a corresponding invoice. No matter what format your electronic invoice is in, we ensure it will be delivered to your trading partners in a quick and seamless manner.

Our e-commerce solution allows suppliers to easily capture and monitor orders from all their online sales channels, track inventory levels, and manage all their sales channels, in one place.

Our business intelligence function contains reports in relation to sales by channel, product margins, and inventory forecasts. This provides suppliers with a deeper understanding of daily operations and how it compares with past performance.

Benefits For You

Gain increased access to new customers
Simplify the management of customers and all your sales channels
Reduce order errors and inaccurate information
Improve order and invoice processing
Generate better visibility across your business – track orders and inventory levels from a single place.

We work with many of the major supermarket retailers including:

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