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Videos & Webinars

Videos & Webinars

Our Webinars

Outsourced EDI Webinar

Outsourced EDI – React to business changes and access large-scale buyer

      • What is EDI
      • Outsourced vs On-Premise
      • Understanding Current EDI Capabilities
      • Reacting to Business Changes
      • Improving efficiencies, eliminating costs, reducing paper processes and better managing business trading relationships


Remove the Complexity of managing Multiple Suppliers

Remove the Complexity of managing Multiple Suppliers

      • Improving supplier & product quality
      • Supply chain visibility
      • Supply chain disruptions
      • Document management and trading formats
      • Product and price attributes
      • Supplier compliance and reporting


Digital Transformation in Retail Supply Chains

      • The journey to modernising and streamlining your business model
      • How digital business applications support all transactions in order, delivery and billing operations
      • The management of prices, product catalogue and promotions with a community of suppliers
      • Improving collaboration with suppliers to reduce operating costs and preserve margins


Introduction to TradeHub Buy 


Introduction to TradeHub Buy

      • Limit supply problems and improve document and payment processing
      • Set clear expectations of service levels and performance standards
      • Standardise collaboration with suppliers and prevent business disruptions
      • Get clean data and accurate business intelligence
      • Incorporate all suppliers in standard fashion
      • Make vendor compliance easier

Our Videos


Celtrino Peterson Supply Chain Success Story

Peterson needed to upgrade their ERP system to help their business grow by dealing with distributors more effectively. They also recognised the need to improve their supply chain services. Celtrino was the key partner for this part of the project.




EDI Considerations when upgrading ERP Systems

Ian Going of Merus IT Services talks about an ERP System upgrade he was involved in for one of the UK's largest radiator manufacturers QRL. He describes the challenges they faced, how they overcame them and how Celtrino helped.