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Pharma Suppliers​​

Automate your inventory processes with Celtrino

Both pharmaceutical companies and medical supply companies can use Celtrino solutions to help automate their sales and ordering processes. Wholesalers and retail pharmacies can very easily and efficiently make enquiries of their suppliers to determine availability of inventory. Via their own systems, they can then place a purchase order(PO); this PO is, in turn transmitted automatically through to the supplier’s system. When the order is received, the EDI system will compare it to any previous documentation.

When pharmacy suppliers send an invoice, it is automatically compared to the corresponding PO. If everything matches up in the system, the invoice is then approved for payment without the need for any human intervention. An order is only flagged by the system if the documents don’t match. It is then that someone can intervene, find the issue and take further action.

A cloud-based EDI solution like the one from Celtrino can make it easy for pharmaceutical companies and medical supply companies to communicate, share information and trade efficiently.

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