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As one of Europe’s leading Peppol pioneers and Peppol Access Point Provider/SMP to 100+ Irish Government bodies, Celtrino has developed Peppol Connect, an online application that enables suppliers send Peppol eInvoives to their customers. With over 30 years’ experience in providing eInvoicing, EDI and Automated Supply Chain Solutions, Peppol Connect is built with the supplier in mind, providing ease of use and full traceability of all transactions.

                                  Peppol Connect Top 5 Advantages

Celtrino recently surveyed our clients who use Peppol Connect and compiled the top 5 advantages that were noted by the suppliers:

  1. No need to have an ERP or Accounting Software System

Peppol Connect is a stand-alone eInvoice and eOrder document management portal that does not require the user to have an expensive ERP or Accounting Software system in place. Clients who previously submitted invoices as pdf attachments to email were particularly impressed with the Peppol Connect application.

  1. Invoices get paid a lot faster

82% of Celtrino clients who switched to Peppol Connect reported that their invoices were paid much faster from government buyers once they started using the Peppol system.

  1. Up and running in minutes with self-subscription.

Suppliers couldn’t believe how easy it was to self-subscribe to Peppol Connect and to be  setup and send eInvoices within minutes. Those suppliers who had previously experienced EDI or other electronic exchange systems were particularly impressed with the speed and efficiency of the self-subscription functionality.

  1. Security

Peppol Connect features 2 Factor Authentication for all users. It also removes the need for suppliers to send invoices as email attachments, thus reducing the risk of cyber crime.

  1. Great Celtrino Customer Support

With Celtrino, our customers are treated as individuals and not as numbers. When an answer is needed, we have a proactive support team that wants to help provide resolution as quickly as possible.

Suppliers who use Peppol Connect sang the praises of the Celtrino Customer Care Team, surpassing the previous satisfaction rating of our all-client customer satisfaction survey.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some quotes from Celtrino Peppol Connect customers:

“Since I started using Peppol Connect I can spend my time looking for new business, previously I had to spend this time chasing late payments.”

Michael Hayden, CEO, Hayden & Murphy

“Using Peppol Connect I can immediately see all my invoices in one location and know which ones are paid, rejected or still in processing. Also, I noticed we get paid much faster.”          

Angela O’Brien, Bourke Project Management

To learn more about Peppol Connect and how it could benefit your business email or call +353 (0)1-873 9900 (IRL) / +44 (0)776 302 9995 (UK)