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EURINV Project background

EURINV is an e-invoicing project that is co-financed by the European Commission (within the CEF Telecom Program) and managed by INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency). The project originally launched in April 2019 and is coordinated by the Universitat Politècnica de València with the support of the LMT Group for technical and administrative aspects.

Celtrino supports Dublin Simon in helping to adopt an EN compliant electronic invoicing solution

As an active participant (amongst 7 EDI providers and 1 other public institution) in the EURINV program, Celtrino is providing the Dublin Simon Community with a fully compliant integrated e-invoice approval workflow solution. All aspects of the EURINV program are underpinned with PEPPOL and compliance to the European Standard (EN). This, in turn, is providing Dublin Simon with a platform to scale their digital journey over time and take advantage of the many benefits of the European standards that PEPPOL supports. PEPPOL is itself a European network for secure cross border exchange of electronic documents and is accessible via certified access points. Celtrino has its own access point (AP) so anyone can invoice securely via Celtrino to any government or any business that is connected to this PEPPOL network.

The main aim of the project is therefore to meet the EN standard on e-invoicing for cross-border transactions in line with both the Directive 2014/55/EU and also Ireland’s own e-invoicing legislation. The project is yet another important step in progressing full cross-border efficiency in electronic trading in Europe. Celtrino feel that we have an important contribution to make to support the EN standard.

All the providers on the EURINV project are now performing the mandatory CEF eInvoicing Conformance tests in order to be able to complete the project for September 2020. Having this type of project helps greatly with reaching cross-border business efficiency while sending and receiving electronic invoices in Europe. Furthermore, electronic invoicing is now mandatory in many EU countries for public bodies.
Six years after the publication of the Directive mandating e-Invoicing and the usage of the EN standard by Europe’s public authorities, the 18 April 2020 deadline was finally reached for implementing e-Invoicing at the sub-central level.

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