Smart Routing

Smart Routing

Exchange your documents and data both securely and reliably

As a certified PEPPOL Access Point provider, Celtrino has a direct connection to the PEPPOL eDelivery Network. With Celtrino acting as your Access Point provider, you can reach your trading partners quickly and easily over the PEPPOL Network and your trading partners can reach you in the same manner.

The PEPPOL e-Delivery Network provides a standardised network infrastructure which connects Access Point providers right across the globe. PEPPOL provides standardised documents that support common e-Procurement processes that can be exchanged over the network. Governance of the network and standardised documents is provided by the OpenPEPPOL organisation. The combination of the 3 PEPPOL components of Network, Documents and Governance provide you with interoperability, security and reliability you require to exchange documents. This ‘Connect Once Connect to All’ approach combined with the Celtrino TradeHub platform provides you with a scalability to trade with your partners across Europe and beyond.

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