Smart Routing

Smart Routing

Smart Routing: Celtrino’s automated approval workflows ensure invoices are routed intelligently

After receiving invoices especially into an Accounts Payable automated solution, the next important step for any buyer is to make sure that those invoices are routed directly to the correct approver(s).  Smart Routing is a Celtrino add-on service to our Peppol Connect for buyers to leverage digital invoice processing potential. Smart Routing suits buyer organisations that want to quickly introduce greater efficiencies into current manual processes associated with purchase invoice approval. An audit trail will also track invoice approval progress.


What is Smart Routing?

A company that buys product(s) and then uses ‘Smart Routing’ simply initiates a check when an invoice or credit note arrives into the Celtrino TradeHub platform.

(1) If a recipient email address is included within the document payload and this email address is recognised in TradeHub then the document is routed to this recipient address.

(2) However if no email address is contained in the document payload or if an email address is present but is not recognised within TradeHub, the default document ‘Smart Routing’ workflow is applied and sends the document to the email address specified in the ‘Smart Routing default rule.



Portal interface

Within the portal there is both an approver interface and an administrator interface. The approver is identified by a buyer email contact address specified in the Peppol invoice/credit note and then when a valid invoice is received for that approver, an alert/reminder is sent out.



Celtrino’s configurable Smart Routing allows for the creation of specific rules so that invoices can be routed. The administrator can set up default workflows for unnamed or unknown buyers in the invoice. The administrator can reassign the invoice workflow to another ‘proxy’ approver if the original approver is unavailable. In this way productivity will still continue. All processing actions are also captured in a digital timestamped audit trail linked to a specific invoice/credit note.


Benefits of Smart Routing

Smart Routing works particularly well for organisations that have multiple physical approval locations and/or single step purchase invoice approval processes before data capture into a back-office accounts package. Time can obviously be saved on administration by routing invoices directly to the issuer of the purchase order referenced in the invoice. So by implementing smart routing, organizations can further streamline their invoicing processes, help to boost employee efficiency, increase cash flow and improve supplier relations.