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Your e-Commerce site is more than just the window to your business.  A host of various systems need to work together to ensure exact site content, smooth running of orders and ultimately contented customers. Good connectivity is what is required to turn your e-Commerce site into a core feature of your business to drive real growth.

e-Commerce integration can be defined as the coordination between a business’s e-Commerce shop and their back office system. This real-time integration allows for a bidirectional flow of key information between the two systems, with the information only needing to be entered into the system once.

Drive growth for your business with a seamless solution from Celtrino

Celtrino can help to enable your company to connect your e-Commerce site, your business applications and processes so as to ensure that your employees and customers have the right data when and where they need it. With TradeHub, Celtrino offers that ability to connect.

TradeHub is a reliable and most cost effective way of getting your back office systems integrated with your eCommerce site.
It is a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses with an e-Commerce site. TradeHub makes it simple to see all your orders in a single view including those that are shipped to the customer, to your distribution centre or any other location.

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