e-Commerce Marketplaces

e-Commerce Marketplaces

Expand your reach by selling on e-commerce marketplaces

Retailers should always be on the lookout for ways to sell more products to more customers. One way to sell more product to more consumers is on online marketplaces. Marketplaces are popular online shopping platforms, with sales on these sites, like those operated by Amazon, eBay, and others, accounting for a huge proportion of global web sales. For many sellers, online marketplaces are an untapped opportunity as they provide easy access to large new audiences who are attracted by the huge number of products that are made available, typically at lower prices.

Celtrino enables retailers and suppliers to sell on online marketplaces

Example: Amazon

You can grow sales and simplify your business by listing your products on a marketplace such as Amazon. Amazon is presently the largest Internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalisation.

If you are engaged with Amazon Vendor Central as a sales channel or plan to do so, then Celtrino can help you get EDI-enabled.

With Amazon Vendor Central, you can sell items in bulk directly to Amazon, and Amazon then in turn sells those items under its own brand name to customers. Amazon buy and re-sell your products in the same manner as the major retailers, and take full control of your products.

To sell via the Vendor Central program, you need to meet Amazon’s strict EDI requirements. Celtrino will assist you with this. Celtrino can set you up to start trading efficiently and electronically with Amazon Vendor Central today.


Also with Celtrino’s TradeHub you can integrate with the marketplaces you are listed on, to handle your orders, fulfilments and invoicing and also produce the required EDI messages for your customers. TradeHub can give you one single place to see all this information.  All products you add or updates you make in TradeHub will automatically get propagated out to all your sales channels including your marketplaces. It is a solution that can be intelligently adapted to meet your specific needs to drive competitive advantage. It provides businesses with a comprehensive integration solution to keep all your applications and systems connected.

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