Sales Channel Manager

Sales Channel Manager

Sales Channel Manager

Sales Channel Manager moves your products beyond your store and into high traffic areas such as Amazon, and ecommerce channels


Sales Manager is the sales enablement platform that essentially provides any food & drinks producer with the ability to expand their digital retail presence. Engaged and passionate producers can avail of Sales Manager’s technology to help manage and market their products further and reach larger audiences. It’s a platform that delivers enhanced value in regards to efficiency, connectivity and end to end visibility. With an integrated product information system, it’s possible to sync product info directly to all online sales channels or even transfer product information to external systems. It further benefits the user by integrating with all their sales channels (both B2B and B2C) to manage their orders, fulfilments and invoicing.

Through an intuitive user interface, Sales Manager also integrates with distributors and tracks all inventory thus providing any food producer with a single view of all their stock held at their distributor locations. It meets the needs of both the producer and the distributor by expanding into an array of markets and digital retail spaces that the producers’ business couldn’t access before. As competition in the online retail space heats up, Sales Manager offers the food producer an innovative and transformative means to amplify their online presence and to open up further revenue streams.


Sales Manager:


  • A single location to manage ALL your product information
  • In a single view you can track ALL your inventory across multiple locations to show what is in stock and even what has been shipped
  • Can integrate with all your sales channels
  • Manages and automates orders and invoices

Celtrino believe that producers should be able to stay focussed on what they should be focussed on: which is making the very best product that the producer can possibly make. With Celtrino making the order processing and inventory tracking so incredibly easy for you then you have more time to focus on the product. Sales Manager is more than just a sales tool, it is a path for business transformation.

Take advantage of our expertise and gain more exposure for your products with Sales Manager!

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