A purchase requisition authorises an organisation’s purchasing department to issue a purchase order.


Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution allows users to electronically manage and process requisitions, which can be integrated electronically into their ERP systems.

Requisition documents often require very specific information. Completing the document can be a relatively complex process, as a lot of information is often needed. Carrying this out manually can be time consuming, resource heavy and can lead to mistakes with data entry. As a result procurement efforts overall may be slowed down significantly.

Celtrino’s purchase to pay offering enables users to speed up the review/approval process. We provide an intuitive user interface, where authorised staff can easily populate requisition orders. Electronic requisitions can be stored in the one place and accessed at any time, as opposed to being passed between stakeholders manually, heightening the chances of them being misplaced.


Using our solution, users can track purchase requisitions that are:


  • In preparation.
  • Where approval has been requested.
  • That are part approved.
  • That are fully approved/rejected.

After the approval process is complete, the former requisition file becomes an order file and can be sent directly to the chosen supplier through Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution. The supplier can then respond by sending an electronic invoice, which can be integrated into the buyer’s ERP system.


Celtrino purchase requisition solution benefits


  • Increased transparency.
  • Requisitions can be accessed anywhere, at any time, by any authorized individual in an organisation.
  • Enables users to comply with legal requirements. Requisitions are safely stored for audit purposes.
  • Users are provided with full, live, visibility on whether a requisition has been approved/rejected and if a purchase order has been sent.
  • Quick processing time.

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