Purchase to Pay with PEPPOL

Purchase to Pay with PEPPOL

Purchase to Pay with PEPPOL


PEPPOL is a set of open and interoperable technical specifications across purchase to pay business processes.


PEPPOL enables European public sector bodies and their suppliers to exchange electronic trading documents (for example electronic orders and invoices) over a standardised network connection.

PEPPOL enables access to its network through accredited access points (APs), such as provided by Celtrino. However public bodies and their suppliers don’t need to use the same AP to trade with each other – APs are all set up to connect with each other, and there are no roaming fees between them. So regardless of what existing purchase to pay solution you use, Celtrino can connect you to any organisation within the PEPPOL network.


Celtrino purchase to pay with PEPPOL


Public sector buyers can identify goods and services, using an e-catalogue as part of Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution.

After the requisitioning process, an electronic purchase order can be sent via Celtrino’s PEPPOL AP, addressed to the supplier. There is no manual intervention needed on either side. Celtrino will identify the trading capabilities of suppliers in all instances to ensure the order reaches them securely, and that they are in a position to process it.

The supplier can respond by sending an e-invoice. Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution will import the invoice into your back office systems, once it has been validated. Our solution offers an invoice matching service that checks for any discrepancies between the purchase order and the invoice. If discrepancies do occur, the supplier will be notified – and they can make amendments.

Transactions between APs are encrypted and fully secure. The e-signature feature enables the buyer to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the supplier.


Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution allows users to monitor and track orders/invoices that have been:


  • Sent to the buyer/supplier
  • Accepted by the buyer/supplier
  • Part accepted by the buyer/supplier
  • Amended by the buyer/supplier
  • Rejected



  • Trade easily and efficiently with any buyer/supplier on the PEPPOL network
  • Realise cost/efficiency savings associated with paperless trading
  • Keep a clear trail of any electronic documents historically sent – that can be easily accessed for auditing purposes
  • Enable any authorized individual in your organization to access electronic documents anywhere, at any time
  • Seamless integration with your back-office business systems

Celtrino PEPPOL


Celtrino is one of the longest serving members of OpenPEPPOL – a not-for-profit body that governs the usage and standards of PEPPOL. Having served the electronic business needs of the healthcare, retail and food services sectors for nearly 30 years, Celtrino has unrivalled experience of providing customers with supply chain excellence.

Our experience combined with involvement with PEPPOL since its inception, allows us to help public sector entities adopt PEPPOL best-practice.

The Celtrino platform has no restriction on the volume of orders or invoices that it can process.

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