Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay

Purchase to pay refers to the downstream business processes that cover the activities of requisitioning (requesting), ordering, purchasing, receiving, and paying for goods and services.


Celtrino purchase to pay is built on our next generation infrastructure – TradeHub. Our TradeHub solution enables users to manage all their suppliers in one place, and supports the main purchase to pay documents – orders, order responses, invoices, credit notes, dispatch advices and goods receipt notes. Users can seamlessly exchange these documents electronically with their trading partners, and the solution automatically imports these documents into their back office systems where they can be accessed at any time.


Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution


The key benefit of our solution is the reduction in manual effort in invoice matching, discrepancy resolution and data entry.

This alignment is supported by:

  • Tools to monitor and report on supply chain performance
  • Differentiated visibility of supply chain activities to all need-to-know stakeholders
  • Remote access to support the needs of the ever growing mobile business
  • Collation and presentment of fact-based supply chain data to drive better decision making
  • Integration of supply chain applications to reduce the dependency on multiple suppliers

Our services implement and support data transfers over a wide range of internet protocol based secure communication standards, that include AS2, Web Services, and HTTPS. Interface data formats include XML, CSV and Edifact.


Document transfer


Our solution ensures that all orders reach the appropriate supplier. Our solution can track and report on supplier fulfilment capability and their ability to meet delivery schedules. Users can track, view and manage orders on-line, access order receipts, and flip an order to create an order response.

When a supplier sends an invoice, our solution matches the invoice details against the valuated GRN. Where the match identifies a discrepancy, the supplier will be notified via an invoice rejection report. They can then make the necessary amendments to the invoice. Validated invoices will be converted into XML and passed to the buyer’s back office systems. Users can track, view and manage invoices, view invoice reports and invoice rejection reports, and create invoices by flipping the valuated GRN.


Other features


Other features include – but are not limited to:

  • Accounts payable – Invoices go through validation and matching checks based on rules determined by the user, removing administrative effort and cost.
  • Supplier Determination – when there are multiple suppliers of a product, the system can automatically select the best supplier.
  • Business Intelligence – gathers information and clean data for reporting.
  • Product Information Management – provides users with a single repository for all product information, names and descriptions, pricing, supplier and product availability.
  • Online Product Catalogue: users can also manage price, propose the addition of new products, easily remove products, and propose and manage promotions.


Benefits of Celtrino’s purchase to pay solution


  • Generate more effective supplier relationship management – opportunities for closer collaboration with suppliers.
  • Reduce labour costs spent on manual processes
  • Guarantee data accuracy.
  • Increase visibility of spend across the whole organization, for better spend management.
  • Enhance dynamic discounting possibilities


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