Public Sector OGP e-Invoicing Framework

Public Sector OGP e-Invoicing Framework

Public Sector OGP e-Invoicing Framework


In April 2019, the European Directive (2014/55/EU) on electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) was implemented across Europe.


The aim of the directive is to facilitate the usage of a European standard on e-invoicing across EU member states, as part of the PEPPOL framework.

The EU Directive mandates European central government agencies to be compliant in order to receive and process e-invoices from their suppliers. Some member states have the option to allow sub-central contracting authorities to delay compliance until April 2020. Compliance is not yet mandatory for suppliers, however it will be in the near future.

Across Europe, various PEPPOL authorities govern the use of public sector e-invoicing across individual member states. The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) – who are tasked with sourcing goods and services for the Irish public service – are Ireland’s PEPPOL authority. The OGP submitted a request for tender in November 2018 seeking to establish a framework of service providers to provide e-invoicing services to Irish public bodies seeking to meet their obligations concerning the Directive.


Celtrino responded to the tender and in April 2019 were selected as:


  • The Single Supplier for the Framework Lot to provide e-Invoicing to the National Shared Service Office, Finance Shared Services and Central Government Departments and Agencies (Lot 1).
  • A framework member to the HSE (and other Health Authorities), the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA), and Local and Regional authorities (Lot 2).
  • The 1st Ranked Framework Member for e-invoicing services to public bodies for which Lot 1 and Lot 2 do not apply

This result enables Celtrino to work first-hand with Irish public sector bodies to ensure e-invoicing compliance with the European Directive. Celtrino successfully enabled Irish Lot 1 (Central Government bodies) to receive and process e-invoices prior to the deadline of the 18th April 2019 and we are presently working closely to enable Lot 3 (Sub-Central public bodies) in 2020.


Next Steps


For public bodies who wish to draw down from this Framework and to comply with the directive as per their obligations, they must go through

To support this directive and upgrade our digital services infrastructure Celtrino were selected for European funding by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

You can learn more about the Directive and what you need to do to comply by contacting us today