e-Invoicing Solutions for Government

e-Invoicing Solutions for Government

Celtrino specialise in digitising public sector procurement and each year we facilitate the exchange of millions of documents. We can help a government department or agency easily engage in electronic document transfer and streamline connection through seamless integration with ERP systems.

A Single Access Point Connection

Through a single connection, we enable public sector buyers and suppliers to exchange documents (e.g. invoices and orders) with each other electronically, regardless of what back office systems they use. With connections worldwide, advanced document conversion and a keen pricing structure, it’s easy to get started.

Users in Government departments can simply transfer documents electronically via our Celtrino PEPPOL Access Point solution. We provide data mapping, data validation, and data enrichment services to ensure all documents are securely transferred to a trading partner regardless of what format they are in, and we provide full integration with all the main ERP providers.


Why Celtrino?


Our experience and proven track record

  • Celtrino is the main provider of e-invoicing services to Irish Central Government Departments and also to sub-Central Government Departments
  • With over three decades of industry experience, Celtrino has worked to build reliable invoicing solutions all the while delivering high levels of client support
  • Celtrino are one of the founder members of OpenPEPPOL (body that governs the usage of PEPPOL across Europe)
  • Celtrino are both an accredited Access Point Provider (AP) and a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)

Trusted partner

  • As the trusted choice for Government departments and agencies, and businesses of all shapes and sizes, Celtrino has gained a broad client base which continue to receive ongoing service excellence
  • With data security and data integrity of utmost customer importance, Celtrino have a robust information security management system in place and can always be relied upon as an e-invoicing partner
  • Celtrino have the technical and operational capability to meet all our clients requirements
  • Our Celtrino teams use Agile methodologies to work with our clients for a fully collaborative output of project deliverables

Benefits for Government departments:

Meet your e-invoicing compliance requirements
Get your software e-invoicing enabled quickly and easily
Save you cash and resources, by going paperless
Pay your invoices early to help suppliers' cash flow
Easily store and access all your procurement documents for audit purposes


Other Celtrino e-Invoicing services

Celtrino develops other in-house applications such as Peppol Connect and its associated add-on services (Smart Routing, Create Invoice).


Let’s start the conversation

Even if you just have started to investigate what a transition to e-invoicing would require, or you just happen to be browsing the site for some related information, it’s a good time to talk to us. We will help to inform you further about how you can reach your goals.

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