Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Data Transformation

What is it?


Data Transformation is the process of converting data from one type or format (e.g. a database record, PDF, XML document, or Excel sheet) to another. The main reason there is a need for this conversion is to ensure that data from one application or database is capable of being understood by other applications and databases. Generally, businesses want to transform data to make it compatible with other data or move it to another system.


Automation and Data Transformation

The best method to determine ideal business tasks for automation is to look at those repetitive, manual steps that are done by employees on a regular basis. For example, managing invoices can be a time heavy repetitive task requiring a number of personnel.  Errors in both managing invoices and paying invoices can subsequently lead to further issues including payment penalties. So a common RPA task for buyers is to extract data from an invoice that has been approved and then input it electronically into the buyer’s back-office or ERP system. That extracted data is then available in a format that is understandable before Accounts Payable can further process it. 
And in the case of suppliers, a very common task for the Accounts Receivable process is to take the business invoice data (from billing system) and automatically transform it into a standardised e-invoicing format that can be transmitted to a customer. So both for buyers and suppliers, automation becomes that critical enabler in improving the quality of data transformation, data transmission and in reducing costs.


Benefits of Data Transformation:

  • Better quality data output
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Faster queries
  • Faster retrieval times
  • Less resources needed to convert data
  • More reliable and usable data


How Celtrino can help with Data Transformation

When automated data transformation is carried out properly then the output data should be consistent, accessible and considered reliable. Celtrino’s TradeHub platform has, for example, evolved EDI for the 21st century, filling in the gaps and building out capabilities that have been sorely missed. For most people it is impractical to take an EDI file and to try to decipher its meaning by reading it. With TradeHub, can allow you view EDI files like a normal text document by applying friendly labels that transforms the data into something that is easy to understand.

Support: Celtrino has experts to help you with your data transformation, with solutions from planning your data mapping, executing transformations, to finally verifying the transformations.

Cost-effective: Because Celtrino’s TradeHub solution is cloud-based, you don’t have to have expensive infrastructure involved in maintaining an on-premise tool.

Fast. Celtrino solutions can extract, transform, and load your data in near real time, so you can make appropriate business decisions.

To see how Celtrino can help your business with Data Transformation,  contact us today.