PEPPOL Requisitioning

PEPPOL Requisitioning

PEPPOL Requisitioning

What is a Purchase Requisition?


It is a document that is used when a company employee has to make a purchase or an order request on behalf of their company. It is a document that is used to inform department managers or the purchasing officer of the decision so that the purchasing department can then start the purchasing process. A requisition essentially is an unapproved purchase request and once it is approved, a requisition can then be converted into a purchase order.

Purchase requisitions are often required in public sector procurement and PEPPOL transactions


Purchase requisitions are a critical part of spend management for public sector bodies. Not only do they help public bodies to manage costs and accountability for any purchases made, they also help them to avoid duplicate or misplaced orders.  However issues often arise with manual processes around requisitioning – that lead to higher costs and a poorer use of resources, which are better placed to be spent elsewhere.

Public bodies handle requisitions in a number of different ways, but the most efficient is using a system that integrates requisitions electronically with ERP systems. This ensures that data doesn’t have to be input manually into the ERP systems. This then helps in reducing costs and ensuring greater control over company spend, allowing for more streamlined processes, and providing an efficient audit trail for purchasing. Celtrino offers such a solution.


How Celtrino’s solution works


Once products have been selected for purchase, an e-requisition is raised by the public body, and a purchase order can be subsequently generated and sent directly to the chosen supplier through Celtrino’s PEPPOL access point. The supplier can then respond by sending an e-invoice, also through Celtrino’s network.

Using our solution, users can track requisitions:

  • As they are in preparation
  • Where approval has been requested
  • That are part approved
  • That are fully approved/rejected

Our system shows daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity.

One of the essential objectives of a procurement department is to ensure the associated public body is spending as smartly and efficiently as possible. Celtrino’s solution fully ensures transparency and accountability in the purchasing process.


Benefits of Celtrino’s PEPPOL requisitioning software


  • Increased transparency
  • Requisitions can be accessed anywhere, at any time, by any authorised individual in an organisation
  • Enables users to comply with legal requirements (requisitions can be safely stored for audit purposes)
  • Full live visibility on whether a requisition has been approved/rejected and if purchase order has been sent
  • Quick processing time of requisitions

Celtrino have unrivalled PEPPOL experience and have 30 years of e-procurement knowledge.

We have been involved with PEPPOL since its inception and were one of the initial contributors to the standard.  We were a founder member of OpenPEPPOL – the group now responsible for the promotion and development of the standard.

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