PEPPOL Accounts Payable

PEPPOL Accounts Payable

PEPPOL Accounts Payable

Easily validate and present your invoices to your ERP or accounts package for payment


Public sector buyers and their suppliers must access the PEPPOL network via Access Points – to transmit supply chain documentation, such as purchase orders, and invoices.

When buyers are receiving a large number of electronic invoices every week, and are trading with numerous suppliers, it is not unusual to encounter errors in the received invoices, at various times. Reporting these errors, and then working with the associated suppliers to amend the errors costs time and money – both of which are better spent elsewhere.



As part of our overall PEPPOL offering, Celtrino offer an Accounts Payable (AP) service. Our AP Service validates and matches all invoices received against pre-determined criteria of your choosing. The types of criteria can include for example, price and/or quantity. If a difference is found between the price quoted and the price that appears on the invoice, our system will automatically reject the invoice. The Supplier will then be consequently notified of this rejection, and they can then amend the invoice in order to correct the discrepancy.

The overall process minimizes errors and ensures the highest quality data at all times. We fully guarantee the accuracy of invoices before they are sent to your back office systems, which in turn ensures that you are always paying the correct amount each time.


Celtrino’s Accounts Payable service


  • Reduces invoice processing costs
  • Accelerates the invoice processing cycle, enabling you to avail of early payment discounts
  • Enables you to maintain stronger relationships with suppliers, as it removes back-and-forth conversations trying to determine any discrepancies
  • Helps users avoid late payment penalties
  • Ensures high quality invoices (only approved invoices are fed into your back office system)
  • Enables you to maintain more supplier relationships, as the time spent querying individual invoices is reduced


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