E-Invoicing Framework

E-Invoicing Framework

E-Invoicing Framework


Celtrino is the main provider of e-invoicing services to the Irish public sector


This service is provisioned via the Office Of Government Procurement (OGP) framework for the supply of PEPPOL networking and e-invoicing services to the Irish public sector.

The framework allows for Irish public sector bodies to:

  • Be compliant with the e-Invoicing Directive
  • Add efficiencies to your accounts payable process, by automating or enhancing services to provide a streamlined process.





Electronic invoicing improves and shortens the entire purchase to pay process by:

  • Ensuring data quality within the invoice itself
  • Eliminating the potential of data errors by removing the need to manually re-key data
  • Reducing the time taken for the delivery of the invoice from days to minutes
  • Ensuring fewer lost or missing invoices
  • Reducing the risk of invoices being rejected
  • Facilitating earlier payment to suppliers

To achieve these benefits the OGP framework clients can access a range of systems and services to meet their requirements, from simple compliance to more automatic straight through processing of invoices into back office systems.








Additional Services

  • E-archiving
  • Training services
  • Supplier engagement services


Next Steps


E-Invoicing Ireland is a program within the OGP that is responsible for facilitating the Irish public sector to become compliant with the EU e-invoicing directive, and to support their sector partners through this process. See the OGP website for more information.

To discuss any aspects of the above, you can contact our account managers John Behan, Sales Director, and Patrick Redfern, Head of Business Development, at [email protected].

Public sector bodies should contact the OGP to utilise any part of the framework.

You can learn more about the directive and your obligations by contacting us today.