Intelligent Web form EDI

Intelligent Web form EDI

Intelligent Web form EDI

Our solution is cloud-based so all you need to access it at any time is an internet browser


Celtrino’s Intelligent Web form EDI is a cloud-based EDI service that simplifies exchanging data with your suppliers. If you’ve been asked to trade using EDI, but you don’t want to use an integrated solution, Celtrino web forms allow you to comply with your trading partners’ requirements easily. You simply conduct EDI through an Internet browser on a digital device.

This type of service is especially applicable for those dealing with multiple suppliers.


Perfect for companies who exchange a modest volume of orders and prefer to not integrate


In its simplest form, Web EDI allows small and medium sized businesses to create, receive and manage electronic documents using a browser. Celtrino WebEDI results in paperless billing, saving you significantly on manpower, postage, paper and printing costs. Invoices can be downloaded easily, and your business can directly access these invoices, and other EDI documentation, on the Celtrino WebEDI portal. You can also view customers’ transaction histories and any flagged actions or queries.

Celtrino WebEDI is a cost-effective alternative to in-house EDI. It increases the speed of data exchange while providing the ability to transact with numerous suppliers from one easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Our customers have found the Celtrino system so easy to use. They simply log in and all their invoices are there for them in one place
– Peter O’Sullivan, Head of IT, The Barry Group




  • Installation of EDI software is not required
  • Supports every type of EDI document: orders, invoices, etc
  • Connect to thousands of suppliers
  • Improves service to your customers
  • Paperless billing
  • Speeds up your accounts process
  • It’s simple to use – no technical knowledge required!

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